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a brief history

Harry Chipetz began his career as a salesman for Scott Gross Company and later with Cosnat Distributing Company in Philadelphia. Later he joined with Bernie Lowe and Dick Clark to open his own distribution company, Chips Distributing. From there, Chipetz went on to become General Manager for Cameo/Parkway Records, and in 1967 he worked for Madara/White productions, where he remained until 1969.

In 1970 Harry Chipetz joined Sigma Sound Studios as General Manager/Vice President until he retired in 1982. His career in the Philadelphia music industry would last for 40 years. He was liked by many local Philadelphia artists and remains today one of the great contributors to music and the sound of Philadelphia.


John's memories

Harry Chipetz was always hustling.  He published some of Madara/White's early songs, THE FLY, TODAY'S THE DAY, CRAZY OVER YOU.  Harry's contribution to Dave and my career was he opened doors for us.