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Birthday Party       
442 Glenwood Avenue
Cold Cold Winter  Summertime USA



a brief history


The Pixies Three began their professional career in high school when John Madara and Dave White signed them to a recording contract with Mercury Records. Before that, they went by the name “The Pixies” and played at talent shows, service clubs, carnivals, and the Ted Mack Amateur Hour. John discovered the trio at a Philadelphia club on “talent night.”

Within a month, working with John and Dave, their first hit “Birthday Party” shot into Billboard’s Top 40 with a bullet. Leon Huff, who had been discovered by John in a nightclub playing piano with a group called the Lavenders and had later partnered with Kenny Gamble to create “The Sound of Philadelphia,” was their rehearsal pianist.

Following the success of “Birthday Party,” they recorded two other Madara/White songs, “Cold, Cold Winter” backed with “442 Glenwood Avenue.” Sales were bigger than Birthday Party and was an immediate hit. The group’s first, and only, album, PARTY WITH THE PIXIES THREE, also produced by John and Dave, featured renowned session musicians Trade Martin, Artie Kaplan, Vinnie Bell and Leon Huff.


John's memories


When I met The Pixies Three at a club in Philadelphia, they were only kids, but they were really talented and very focused on their careers.  Dave and I got them a recording contract with Mercury Records.  When we would record them, one of the girl's mothers would always come along as a chaperone.  They were totally dedicated to their music, and were very hard workers.  We did some record hops and photo ops with them and recorded one album with them.


We had more chart records with The Pixies Three than with any other artist we were working with at the time.



what happened next?

The Pixies Three continued to record and appeared around the country with Dionne Warwick, The Four Seasons, The Dave Clark Five and The Rolling Stones.

“Summertime USA” was the girls’ last hit, managing to break Billboard’s Top 100. 1965 brought the release of the two final “Pixies Three” singles, “Orphan Boy” and “Your Way.”

A reunion show took place in 1991, and The Pixies Three still perform live at various venues.

John Madara recently reunited with The Pixies Three after forty years.  In May of 2005 they collaborated on Ray Charles' hit song "What'd I Say" with John singing the lead and The Pixies Three singing backup.


The song is featured on a new Pixies' CD entitled Dance The Night Away - Party With The Pixies Three, which can be found on their website through the link below.




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